The first of many [27.1.2017]

Here’s to the first post!

27.01.2017. (it’s 1.23am Malaysian time right now)

Seriously…that date is like a double of 2017. It’s a sign! Hahahahaha

Currently fiddling around the page and customising things. Ermahgerd so much cool stuff on this page to the point that i’m just going ‘fuuuuwwwaaaa what does this do?’ every few minutes. Hoping to get it lookin’ all purrddeeeeeeyyy and shizzles in the next few weeks.

To all those celebrating the Chinese/Lunar New Year, have an AWESOME time celebrating the festivities. Because I will be doing what I do every year. Prepping for food and all that jazz. More like prepping for the inevitable food coma. HAHAHAHAHA

Will be posting loads more in the next few days. Here’s too many more fun filled posts to come!

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