Mi Madre’s 64th 

My 15-year-younger-than-her-real-age looking mom turned 64!!! Huzzaaahh!  💐🎂

If there ever was a lady that i look up to, despite the constant mom nagging, she would be one of the two, the other being my grandmother.

From helping my newly widowed grandmother bring up her 8 other siblings in the mid 70s in a then rural kampung in Serian up to the day that i graduated for a second time with an MBA, she is, as Fix it Felix would say,

She has gone through so much, from rising from rural kampung poverty to facing racism and sexism in the workplace,  she is one tough ass cookie despite her small size. Hehe
So here’s to you, Mommy! Despite all the ups and downs as well as our differences theouvhout the year, we love you very much and wish you an amazing and happy birthday and loads more birthdays to come.


Your awesomely fluffy munchkin of a daughter.

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