Up Country Weekend Trippin’

The past few weeks have been so busy at work i have not managed to post things i’ve been meaning to post since i tend to fall asleep as soon  as my head hits the pillow. Oh well..new materials to post soon!

So… i managed to snag a trip back to my mom’s kampung yesterday even if it is only a day trip up country. Hehe yassss goodbye modern civilisation, hello slow village life and cool mother nature.

Drove up for over an hour and got greeted with furr by two of my furkids, Sir Coca the shortail (first pic) and Lord Cola the long (pissy pussy stare pic) . Yasss kitties. Show me that sass.Werk them pawwss.

Mind you, i haven’t seen them in over 6 months but they look less chubby than when i saw them last. Mmmm furball love. In case you’re wondering, I have a habit of naming cats after beverages. Latte, the elder being of a meow, stays with me back in the city. Hehe

Anywho, spent most of my morning roaming around the ridiculously huge compound going to the pepper grounds and the fish ponds to catch some fishies for lunch. Happened to pass by the four angled beans shrub thingy. Good thing too since they’re ready to be picked. Should share a recipe on how to use every part of the plant for a real yummy dish. Maybe next time i head back. Maybe…hahahha

Then i found shrooms! I LOVE mushrooms. Like REALLY love them fungis. And there were loads growing in the wild near the pepper groubds along with the four angle beans. Here are a few shots that i took of them.

Was talking to my aunt and she confirmed with me that only the white-ish lookong mushroom are edible. Might look into the other 2 species next time round. Experinentation anyone? *evil grin*

Fastforeward 20 minutes later, it was off to the pond to catch some fishies for lunch. My handy dandy soft fur dog, Pillow the pup was our guide to the pond. Basically all he wanted was to catch the fishies as well. Much stare. Such fluff.

Caught a few fishies for my aunt and myself. I think there were around 4 to 5 bigs ones and 3 small ones. Not bad…not bad at all for half an hour’s worth of fishing.

Am planning on heading up again this weekend for an overnighter so i’m hoping to get more shots of the sceneries to share with you all.

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Sarawakian born and raised closet fairy-hippy-goth with a passion and love for all things random, cute and downright senseless with a pinch of beauty and artsy fartsy-ness thrown in the mix. Lover of travelling and exploring, I enjoy spending time creating new things from art, fashion and writing. in hopes of one day showing the world what I love to create and to possibly spread the love around like a glitter shower out of a glitter canon.

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