Nordic Trip (NT) – Kuching to Helsinki [08.07.2017]

So……. It’s been slightly over 2 weeks since I’ve been back from my trip to Finland, Estonia and Sweden. Those 2 weeks abroad flew by so quick that it still feels like a dream right now. So many things have been happening since I’ve gotten back that my brain is trying to keep up with work and my personal life. Started work on Monday (got back at 11.30pm on Saturday) with only a day to try and adjust my timing and getting my body to stop being used to Finnish time. Still failing….and it’s already 2 weeks since I’ve been back home. The Nordic withdrawal is strong… *facepalms*

But aaaaannnyyyywaaaaaayyyy, here’s my recap of the Nordic Trip I’ve had a few weeks ago! It’ll be out in seveŕal parts so keep and eye out everynow and then since i’ll post them in the coming 2 weeks. Woo wooo

Kuching – Kuala Lumpur

Started off our trip from Kuching, Sarawak (Borneo Malaysia) on the 8th of July, a Saturday. I booked the Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight 9am to Kuala Lumpur. Still think MAS is better than AirAsia flights. Sorry AirAsia, i’ve had bad experiences on your flights, specifically when it comes to their pilots landing skills. Plus, you get 30kg baggage allowance. Duuuudddeeee the extra baggage allowance helps loads when you’re going overseas. Anywho,  my aunt and uncle (siblings) followed me on my trip this time round because..well…they just wanted to go with me to Northern Europe. We arrived at the Kuching International Airport at around 8am since all we needed to do was to check in our luggage and then go straight to our gates. Here’s a photo of us on the plane before take off.

We reached Kuala Lumpur around 11 something am, with out next flight using Finnair only at around 5pm to Helsinki via Singapore. While waiting at the Kuala Lumpur Intnerational Airport 1 (KLIA 1), we had lunch at Kopitiam at the departure hall, located behind KFC. I haven’t had proper Nasi Lemak (directly translated as Fat Rice..don’t ask) from West Malaysia since I left in 2008. That’s 9 years! Sarawakian Nasi Lemak isn’t as spicy so you get my drift. It’s not like I hate it, it’s just not..I still think that old lady selling Nasi Lemak near my old campus at SS15 in Selangor is still the best…even though she looks like she might kill you as she complains about your choice of Nasi Lemak. Aunty, if you’re reading this, HIIII!!!!! But I doubt it so yeah…I know I’m ranting on and on but hey! It’s my blog. MWAHAHAHAHA Just saying that my plate of Nasi Lemak made me realise that this plate has been missing from my life way too long…too long for my liking…

While walking around the departure hall, I saw this…ho…ly….effin…hicketty hecks…such sleekness…


After drooling as much as i could at the car, we eventually boarded our plane around 5pm for Singapore. Uneventful so yeah…

Kuala Lumpur – Singapore

We made it to Singapore!

Ahhhh Transiting in Singapore was a blast! Sorry, Kuala Lumpur…you ain’t got nothing on Singapore’s International Airport when it comes to Transit or layovers. As soon as you get off the plane, it sort of feels like you just entered this weird ass tunnel only to be greeted by decorations akin to some ridiculously high class asian hotel. Must be the carpets and the lighting. It’s only my second time in Singapore but ya’ll know it’s all good. hahhhahahaha.

Kuala Lumpur, you’d better up the ante on your facilities, man…We’re already failing in the currency exchange so if you want more people to come, which by the way is a great time for foreign visitors, you had better start looking into upgrades. Just sayin’…cause it’s friggin true…I still like you tho. ahahahaha

Right, back to our story, while waiting for our gate to open for boarding, we decided to roam about Terminal 2.  Snagged these photos of sculptures and what not. Pretty rad stuff. Flowers, balls and loads of people moving about to get to their respective terminals. Ahhhhhhhh airport life = LOVE.



While walking and taking random photos. eventually our hunger started kicking in and our stomachs (mostly mine) started grumbling real bad. Somehow or rather, we ended up at this Chinese Dumpling/Noodle/Rice place in Terminal 2 that everyone was happy to eat in. I decided on the chicken, veg and rice combo thingy. Forgot what it was called but laaawwwdddd it was good. Been eating a lot of vegetables and fruits the past few weeks before the trip so having a little meat once in awhile was great!

Simple and Easy meal (by Asian standard) in Singapore! wooohooo

Here’s a photo of us after dinner while waiting to get to the lounge. I don’t particularly like eating too much meat, especially at night, but Laaaawwwddddddd it was one of those days when you give into temptation…and douse your food with hot chilli oil like a crazy woman. Not sure what it is with me and spicy food lately but sweet heebie jeebies they make me feel alive everytime i eat ’em…even if they cause ridiculous toilet trips the next time. It was worth it.

Then it was off to us getting to our gates! Weeee We had to get the Sky Train from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1.  Yaaassss sky train!!!

The compulsory ‘Othi’ look while using the Sky Train. Hahahaha

Flight was at 11.35pm so we casually took photos all the way from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 at random places. But those pictures are not on here since it would be too much. But hey! My phone was dying at the time and we were looking for charging ports the entire time.

At least we made it to our gate well ahead of time as we got through security checks before the groups of families returning to Finland went through the gates.


Boarding was super easy and efficient. For a long haul flight to Helsinki, it was not surprising that it was a full flight since it’s Summer after all. Finally, we were on board and ready to go! Woooooo Suomi!!!!!

<to be continued> 😆


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