Absence, Resurfacing and Updates

Hey guys.

Sorry once again for not updating as often as I should. Been away for personal reasons and also due to loads of things happening over the past 2 months. May and most of June has been so busy and full of drama that I’m glad it’s over.


No not really awesome. Just being a rotting corpse in my room catching up on sleep and plotting world domination.

Anywho…..So here’s a recap of what happened the past few months that I am able to share:

  1. Enrolled into a Korean language class
    I finally enrolled into a Korean language class. YAS! Why you ask? I need to prep myself just in case someone starts speaking to me in Korean when I’m abroad. I mean, people constantly think that I’m Korean whenever I’m overseas for some reason. Don’t know why that is though. Weird as heck for me. Not that I mind it but yeah…I might as well learn the language since it might come in handy. Ohohoho plus it doesn’t hurt to at least now what I’m buying when the time comes for me to head over South Korea for a possible future vacation.
  2. Asked to help out with a local music festival
    Can’t say much at the moment but hey! I got asked to help out with a local festival happening this coming September in Kuching. Hehe. More details will be revealed over the coming months leading up to the date of the festival.
  3. Looking into a few small projects
    Apart from the local festival that i’m helping out, I’ll also be working on a few personal projects starting July. Best keep an eye out for those since i’ll most likely get all you readers out there involved in these projects, depending on what they are of course. heheheh ^_^
  4. Finally booked my overnight cruise trip to Stockholm
    So, after months of getting finances up and going as well as not eating properly (I go the extreme when being frugal), I have finally booked the overnight cruise trip for myself as well as my family members that will be travelling with me in July. Woot woot!! Can’t wait~ I’m already counting down the days till I leave for my trip. That and the fact that i’m planning well ahead so I can get my office work done in time and without any fuss since I’ll be away for 2 weeks.

So yeah, apart from that, been very busy that I haven’t given myself some time to just sit and write. The pain and guilt I tell ya. But not to worry, a few posts have already been scheduled in the coming week of things that have been happening the past few weeks during my absence. Raya (also known as Eid) holidays are coming up here in Malaysia…so yeap…BAM! shizloads of time to write and also get some office work done during the publiuc holidays. hahahah Till the upcoming post!

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Sarawakian born and raised closet fairy-hippy-goth with a passion and love for all things random, cute and downright senseless with a pinch of beauty and artsy fartsy-ness thrown in the mix. Lover of travelling and exploring, I enjoy spending time creating new things from art, fashion and writing. in hopes of one day showing the world what I love to create and to possibly spread the love around like a glitter shower out of a glitter canon.

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