SLA – Serikin Weekend Border Market, Bau and Beyond

The Single Ladies Adventure continues!

Aaaaaannnnnd I have more time to write now! Thus a new post two days after my previous one on the Damai Beach adventure. Thank the heavens. I think was about to go insane without having to write. Plus, I had to rewrite this post because the whole platform suddenly rebooted itself. This post would have already been out yesterday but oh well…

Right, on the topic of today’s blog. This time, the Single Ladies Adventure (SLA) team decided to head on over to the Serikin weekend border market, a few minutes drive away from the town of Bau and roughly an hour and a half away from the Kuching city centre. If you’re traveling to Kuching or just Sarawak in general, then this is one of the few places that I personally think is great for cheap bulk shopping. They’ve got loads of local and Indonesian goods like souvenirs from both Sarawak and Indonesia as well as other stuff such as fabrics, houseware, tidbits and even furniture that you can purchase for a great deal! You name it, they have it. It’s like a humongous supermarket at the border between Sarawak (East Malaysia) and Kalimantan (Indonesia).

Planning wise, we decided to go on this mini day trip on a Saturday instead of Sunday. The market is only on the weekends so we thought, hey! Best go over on Saturday so that we get first picks of the goods that week since the supply might dwindle come Sunday. Plus, we had to reach the market by 9.30am because based on experience, it might by jam packed with cars lining up for parking.

Our first stop, after picking all of the girls up from their homes, was to stop at Bau town for breakfast. We ended up picking Ming Ming Food Court, which is near Siang Siang Garden, one the many eateries in the town of Bau. Funny and luckily enough, I found a really good parking spot (Thank you, God!) at one of the many entrances of the eatery. Why they need that many entrances, I’m pretty sure it’s because of the influx of people that have their breakfast there. The place is the size of half and American football field but it was already packed to the brim by 8.15am! My luck struck again that day when we managed to find a free table. Hallelujah! Amen! Praise the Lord! So we sat, ordered our drinks and food…then it was just us waiting.

Such busy. Much concentrate.


We were waiting for our food for a good 20 to 30 minutes before they served us our order. In that time, I managed to sneak several candid pics of the team members, Cumiee and Anne, and leveled up my Bubble Witch Saga game on my phone. #allhailtechnology But boy oh boy was it worth the wait. Until this day, I felt that it was the best decision in my life to have breakfast that early and that heavy. Kolo mee goodness!20170401_084121Look at those noodles. So good. So purrdddy. Mind you, this Kolo Mee dish is THE BEST i’ve tasted to date. I’m still imagining the ridiculously yummy taste of it…and it’s been weeks. I’ve never tasted Kolo Mee this good in the over 27 years of my existence! *drools* It was the start of my diet’s downfall that day. Make sure to order with the red sauce when you place your orders.

Having had our bellies filled with goodness, we made our way to the border market. We got into Serikin roughly around 9.30 to 9.45 am. It was already packed but we still managed to get parking quite far into the lot. Oh well, we made it anyway. Hehehe Our first instinct at the market was to just browse the shops from one end to another. We passed several stalls, mostly selling clothes and souvenirs. There is an area in the middle of the market where we saw LOADS of houseware that you’d find people using to cook for large events like wedding and or big festivals. So much stuff to buy, so little time. But it wasn’t pay day so yeah…window shopping it was for the most part. The end of the market, at the Indonesian section of the market, is my favourite area to visit. It is in this part of the market that many locals drop by to get their weekly rations of local and organic produce. (You’re welcome vegans and health junkies.) Sellers from both Malaysia and Indonesia set up small shops/areas selling their goods. They sell local avocados, root vegetables and wild vegetations such as midin, our local wild ferns, to locally grown fruits and even freshly harvested rice.

While browsing, I spotted a lady selling black-purple-y rice. I’ve been searching for those grains for awhile in the town area but it’s hard to find and they usually cost more than what I would like to pay. But at Serikin, the 1kg bag of black rice costs RM8! The red grains cost cheaper at RM 7 and the white ones at RM6 per kilogram. Jackpot!!! I bought only that 1 pack that day since I couldn’t afford to buy too much rice since I am the only one in my family that loves non-white rice. We spent a good 10 minutes more to look around and decided to head back to the starting of the market since the heat was getting to us.It was one of our many ridiculous decisions to walk without umbrellas or hats on. We got really bad tans by the time we got to my car on the other side of the market. My poor part East Asian skin turned red by the time I got home that night. Sniff sniff. That being said, if you’re ever making a trip to this market please bring the appropriate headwear or umbrella just in case the heat might melt your face off. The heat got to us so bad that both Anne and I had our brains fried and couldn’t think straight. By the time we got to my car, we turned the AC to the max and just sat in the car for I don’t know how long before we got back on the road.

Driving back, we notice many people stopping by random stall getting coconut drinks. So what the heck, we joined them in getting some for ourselves as well.Here we are having our coconut drinks at a stop after Serikin, heading to the main road. Satsifaction, ya’ll. Satisfaction. Even after taking this pic, we ended up having another round of drinks because we dehydrated to the point of being delirious before hitting the road again to our next destination.

Being the random team that we are, we randomly decided to head over to Wind Cave since i’ve never been there even though I always send guests there in my last job at a travel agency. Somehow or rather, I took the wrong turn at the main road and headed to Fairy Cave instead. *facepalm* I even missed the turn into Fairy Cave when we kept on the road towards that part of the area. But sweet merciful Labyrinths, I was amazed at what I saw.Just look at that stretch of road! Those trees hanging like that creating a tunnel-like shape. You rarely see roads like these in Kuching. It looked like, to me, something out of a fairy tale or a horror movie waiting to happen. Either way, it would be a great spot for filming. Thinking that this road deserves our utmost love and attention, we played ‘the soundtrack to ‘ 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비’ (a.k.a Goblin) since it only seems fitting as we’re heading to a place called ‘Fairy Cave’. Go figure. hahaha Gong Yoo if you’re reading this, Cumiee loves you. 

Back to our story, I forgot to bring a pair of good shoes (I was wearing flip flops) so the team and I do what we normally do – Drive by. HAHAHAHAH literally made a U-turn at the cave’s parking lot. Talk about random shiz. Hehehe. I really wanted to enter but I wasn’t wearing proper shoes so the likelihood of me falling or tripping is high based on my past experience.

It was driving back from Fairy Cave that we saw two girls who were signaling for us to stop/slow down. At first, I was like ooohhh what do these girls want? Mind you I was being slightly innocent but according to the other two, they were slightly paranoid as to why these two girls wanted us to stop. Remember the part where I said that the road seemed like a good place for a horror movie to happen? Well, this was one of the moments according to both Cumiee and Anne. But I was like, ‘meh. Stop’. So I stopped the car thinking that everything is okay.

Uneventfully enough, nothing happened. After talking to them in my broken ass mandarin chinese, they told us that they just needed a ride back to Bau to catch the last bus back to Kuching’s city centre. Fast forward 10 minutes later, we were already driving back to our next destination, Wind Cave, located 10 minutes away from Bau with both hitchhikers, Lynn (hope I got your name right) and Jasmine from West Malaysia in the backseat.

We eventually made it to Wind Cave and let both Lynn and Jasmine to explore the place while the girls and I just enjoyed our own company in the car and discuss a few stuff before heading to our final destination, the famous Tasik Biru.This is probably my best shot of Tasik Biru (Blue Lake). It’s so artsy fartsy and painting-like that I’m proud of myself for taking it. Hehe Money shot FTW! The lake itself, would be a great place to just chill and relax because it’s just quiet. If you could imagine a place that time stopped even just for a minute, I feel that this would be one of those places. *Update: I found out that this lake is somewhat haunted a day after we visited the area. What the effers..*

After our stop at Tasik Biru, it was time for us to head back to Kuching. We did ask Lynn and Jasmine if they’d like to join us head back to Kuching but the declined. I’m pretty sure they got scared of my driving or our endless laughter in the car. In the end, we just dropped them at the Bau bus terminal so they can get their bus back to the city like they initially planned. Hope you girls got back to your accommodations safely.

Our trip back to the city was pretty much making stops randomly everytime we saw something interesting at the side of the road. From roast duck sellers (we didn’t buy any) to missing road junctions entries, it makes me happy to think that this adventure was done with my team and I who are one of the few people that I can just be who I am.

We ended up back in Kuching at more stops there but that story is for another time and day. It could be about food…or something else. *hint hint*. So stay tuned. hihihih

To end this post, here’s a BIG shoutout to both Lynn and Jasmine from UTM. We hope to see you back in Sarawak in the future and all the best in your studies~! Sorry if we made you feel uncomfortable with our random laughing fits in the car. Hehe 

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