Single Ladies Adventure – Damai Beach

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time (like a month ago) but as usual, I’ve been pretty busy from my day job and tired to the point that whenever I lie on my bed the first 5 seconds to close my eyes, it always ends up being the next day, around 3 to 5am. Not that i’m complaining that I wake up early, at least then I get to do loads of daily chores while i’m at it. huhuhuh

So, here goes…

A month ago, myself and 2 more of my close colleagues decided on what we now call the ‘Single Ladies Adventures’ team. Seeing as we are all working in the same company, why not make a group where we can travel around the island of Borneo as well as internationally? We’re all single so that takes care of the whole being tied down thing.

So, we decided on our first ever SLA trip before the weekend where we would be working for an entire weekend. What better way to unwind before the busy weekend?

Boom!! We decided on a weekend getaway~~!

Where to? Damai Beach FTW!!!!! Cue the promo pic I snagged from google! Don’t worry i’ll post up pics of the actual place throughout the entirety of this post.


If you’re not from here and have never been to Sarawak, then this is what Damai Beach Resort looks like. If you’re from the city centre of Kuching, it’s about a 45 to 55 minutes, depending on the speed that you’re going by car. More details here can be found here for Damai Beach Resort as well as of the Santubong area if you’re interested on coming over. They’ve got loads of infor, especially if you’re coming over to the Rainforest World Music Festival that happens in the middle of the year.

For weekend getaway purposes, it’s actually a pretty rad place to getaway from the city life every now and again. If only we had more money and time, we could’ve stayed a bit longer at the place but oh well. Future sponsors, come at me. I will help sell your properties. hahhaha I have no shame.

Anyway, back to the story, the girls and I were excited to head for our getaway to the point that it was that we could talk about. Then someone told me to be careful of Crocodiles around the area since they’ve been seen around lately.

Crocodilios (i call them that) are so awesome here, they swim in the ocean. True story. Gangsta Crocodiles. Thug Life all the way…or in my case, i would imagine the crocodiles singing this while at the beach.

Image result for gangsta crocodile meme

I love memes. So don’t judge. Hehe They make my world all fuzzy. On a serious note however, we definitely took heed of the warning about crocodiles around the beach area so we planned on just walking by the side of the beach (near the swimming pool) or just taking a dip in the resort’s pool.

The day came and I picked up everyone for the trip. We were stoked to the max. We even made a stop, well several stops, on the way to the resort to get our supplies, a.k.a junk food. I had wine in my stash so we were good. Fast forward to the afternoon, we had lunch and checked in to the resort around 2pm.

We got a sweet deal with our chalet room. Look at that bed…that closet…mmmm….comfortable goodness. Take me back to fresh hotel sheets~!

After checking in, we changed clothes and decided to take photos during sunset while the In-house band at Damai Beach resort started playing reggae and random dangdut songs (which i LOVE). The inner dangdut girl was happy. *cheeky grin* Happiness = Wefies! So here you go..

I decided to snag a picture of the beach that day since the weather was pretty awesome for our evening walk around the resort. there were a few foreigners at the beach as well getting their tan on.

Red flag but ain’t no one gonna care

Notice how the flag is red but no one seems to care about Safety? Ahhh Asian-ness at its best. Even for a brief moment under the sun, I managed to get a slight sun tan. Ahh my half East Asian heritage is weak to the powers of the sun.  My endless struggle for fairer skin was wavering at that point.

For dinner, it was off to Kampung Buntal for some seafood. This time round, we decided to head over to Lim Hock Ann. Yes, this place. Why? Because out of all the restaurants in the village, this one had an amazing backdrop while you munch down on all them lovely and yummy seafood and local dishes.

Lo and behold~! The food that I managed to take photos of….*drools* I didn’t manage to get a pic of the soup, crabs and  steamed fish because we were too hungry and my phone was gonna die since I forgot to bring my powerbank.

So here’s what we ordered:

  1. 3 coconuts
  2. 3 bowls of white rice
  3. Sea cucumber Soup
  4. Crabs cooked with Salted Eggs
  5. Buttered Prawns
  6. Teochew style Steamed Fish (Forgot what type of fish we ordered but it was good)
  7. Midin (Local Wild Ferns)

Now, you must be wondering how much this would cost. Overall, it cost us less than RM300 (roughly USD$68). If you include the fact that we had an amazing scenery while eating dinner and the monsoon season that has been insane, it was a pretty decent price. For non Malaysians, what with the current economy, that is pretty cheap for all the food that we ate. There are other nearby restaurants that are cheaper but we specifically picked Lim Hock Ann because of their service and atmosphere.

We were well full from the amount of food on the table. My diet was failing at that point but I gave no flying ducks about it. Why? Because we deserve to spend it on ourselves every once in awhile.  I even got to share some of our food with the cats that were roaming around under the tables at the restaurant. Power to the meows. All hail the rulers of the meow universe.

After dinner, I drove us all back to the resort since we were pretty much still in dream land from listening to the entire soundtrack of 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비 (a.k.a. Goblin) that I had on CD. By dream land, I mean endless squealing like little school girls.

Getting back to our room, we took our showers and planned on drinking and just talking all night long. But our plan failed as we were so tired. So we only ended up drinking a bit of the wine that we had. In my case, i drank the remaining wine. Being the lightweight drinker that I am after not touching the stuff for quite some time, I was indefinitely buzzed…from drinking red wine *facepalms* My University self would have laughed at my now inability to hold a drink. I can’t remember the time that we all ended up sleeping but i did remember the freezing cold atmosphere of the place. Thank the Lord i was wearing layers to bed.

Fast forward to the next day, it was raining. Raining very heavily…oy vey…

We didn’t manage to have our breakfast at the resort because it was raining so hard. I would like to think that everyone else didn’t manage to get theirs either except for a really old couple that we saw walking into their chalet with the help of some of the hotel’s buggy. So we ended up eating junk food that we bought the day before while drinking coffee up to check out at 1pm.

Overall, it was a fun time to bond with my colleagues and friends. I rarely go out on adventures when I was younger since I keep to myself a lot but this trip made me realise how much life is worth actually LIVING. That being said, I am definitely coming back again to enjoy life with great bunch of people I call friends.

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