Looking for Suggestions Travelling North

So Summer is coming and I’m excited even though it’ll be a few more months till I’m off on my trip. July, come at me quickly! I’m currently working on my fitness level and hoping to shed some pounds while I’m at it.

So where am I travelling to? Here’s a hint:

Image result for lapland northern lights igloo
Picture taken from the Visit Finland website. Hehe

Okay, i’m not actually heading to Lapland although I am in fact in the same region. Finland, Sweden and Estonia is where i’m headed. Wooohoo reindeers here i come!! That and loads of Salmiakki goodness.

Seeing as I went during the winter months which was the worst time for anyone to visit unless you’re looking for the Northern Lights. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Finland in winter with all its snow and possible hibernation opportunities that I’d get. But hey, the best time would be Summer when you get to actually see Finland in all its natural glory. The nature lover in me will be going on hyper drive once i’m there. #finlandislove #finlandislife

I’ll be visiting in July so I’m not sure where to go, although I have a few places in my mind such as Suomenlinna since I didn’t manage to visit the last time I was in Finland. It was winter and I was still a student. Now that I’m a ‘working adult’, adventure-ing is a must! Take my money, Suomi…

At the moment, I’m following Natali’s blog. She has loads of great places to go to when it comes to food and fashion in Finland. I love fashion, food and photography. So if you’re like me, you’d definitely benefit by taking a look at her blog. I’ve been reading her blog for years and her posts are definitely fun to read.

So, heading back to the question at hand, I’m looking for suggestions to where I should go during my stay. At the moment, my itinerary is something like this:

  1. Finland – I’ll be there for roughly 11 days, mostly around Helsinki. I’m planning a trip up to Tampere for a day so would be great if anyone could suggest a lil  something or somewhere to explore besides the Moomin Museum.
  2. Estonia – What can I do for the few hours that i’m there? Possibly for 6 to 7 hours on land.
  3. Stockholm – I’ll be there for 2 days and 1 night before I head back to Helsinki for my next flight out. I didn’t get to see much seeing as i had less than a day. So i’m up for random exploring.

I’ll be stopping the post here for the moment so feel free to drop suggestions, advice or what have you. Hey, you could also suggest future trips anywhere in the world. Who knows? I might just randomly travel there in the near future. Hehe

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Sarawakian born and raised closet fairy-hippy-goth with a passion and love for all things random, cute and downright senseless with a pinch of beauty and artsy fartsy-ness thrown in the mix. Lover of travelling and exploring, I enjoy spending time creating new things from art, fashion and writing. in hopes of one day showing the world what I love to create and to possibly spread the love around like a glitter shower out of a glitter canon.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Suggestions Travelling North

    1. Hi Suvi!

      Thank you so much for the suggestions for Tampere and Estonia. I’m definitely going to use some of your suggestions in my itinerary during my trip over this Summer. I’ll keep you updated during my trip there this July. Hope you have a great day!

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